Letters to the Editor

Pigs are getting ready to fly

Making America great again will be enhanced by the construction of the “beautiful wall” on the Mexican border. The possible opportunities for an economic stimulus are nearly endless. Fulfilling the promises of candidate Trump will be easy.

President Trump will reopen idle mines to produce the magnificent American fuel: coal. Thousands of idle coal miners will be put back to work. This fuel will be used to fire up idle steel factories to manufacture steel plates from which the wall will be built. Thousands of steel workers will be put back to work.

Oil will gush through pipelines to refineries for the fuel to power trains and trucks to haul the steel to the border. Thousands of railroad employees, and thousands more trucking companies and truck drivers will be put back to work. Thousands of currently idle construction workers will go to work building the wall.

Hundreds of pieces of construction equipment will be needed to erect the wall. Even more manufacturing will be put back to work. And, according to Mr. Trump, all of the equipment will be American-made.

This wall will be such a boon to the American economy it will be unbelievable. And President Trump is the only one who can do it.

And pigs will fly when the U.S. Congress approves of this budgetary nightmare. More stimuli will come attached to this with amendment add-ons from every congressional district controlled by an effective senator or representative adding his local pork project. Which is where the actual pigs come in.

David J. Busse, Maryville