Letters to the Editor

All politicians need term limits

We have all of these career politicians that have been in office for 20 years or more and have not sponsored a bill or done anything but fatten their bank accounts. The only time we even know who they are is at election time. It’s time to put all of these do-nothing politicians out of office.

At election time, all politicians say they are going to fight for us. Some of these politicians have been in office for 20 years or more! If they have been in office all these years, why are they still in office? They don’t do anything for 20 years, so why send these same people back to Congress and the Senate? The president can only serve two terms. These other politicians should not be able to serve more than two terms. They stay and make a lot of deals, but the sad part is that the deals they make benefit only themselves.

Robert Kirkland, O’Fallon