Letters to the Editor

How many votes were changed by electronic machines?

Ten days ago, on a touchscreen machine at the courthouse, my vote for Judge Barberis was switched to the Democrat after I’d finished voting and was checking to be sure my votes were my choices.

Barberis’ name had completely disappeared, leaving only the Democrat with an “X” by his name.

My tapping and clicking only caused a couple of small boxes to appear. The attendant came over and was able to make both names reappear without the X in the Dem’s box. I again voted for Barberis, and when checking as the machine went to “print” mode, his name was still there, still with my X by it. I cast the ballot, but could only hope that the machine didn’ t change it again.

How many voters used that same machine? The clerk was still getting reports of the same troubles up to Thursday’s BND story with Mr . Holbrook urging everyone to vote early anyway. “Voter error?”

Unlike the Ohio voters who touched Romney and Obama’s name appeared, this change happened out of sight, after I’d finished, but fortunately I re-read the entire ballot to be sure my vote was mine.

Take a paper ballot, folks. There’ s no way to prove the machine has corrected itself, and no paper trail except for a big roll of register tape in case a legitimate question arises.

Claire Martin, Belleville