Letters to the Editor

Trump’s election forces us to take a step backwards

Trump is going to build a first-class infrastructure and a wall. He will deport millions. One has to assume he is going to pay for all this out of his own pocket since he has also promised a historic cut in taxes. He has also said he is going to get out of negotiated trade agreements, climate control agreements (signed by 190 nations), defense agreements with NATO, and the Iranian nuclear agreement. Russians are dancing in the streets, literally.

In addition, he wants to roll back gay marriage and Roe v. Wade and eliminate affordable health care for 20 million. This was an acceptable agenda for about 25 percent of the population, who were OK with his demeaning comments about women, Mexicans, Muslims, African-Americans, a gold-star family, and the disabled. Another 25 percent voted for Clinton, and 50 percent, roughly, didn’t vote at all.

We have taken a step backward out of fear, anger, hate, apathy and gullibility. We can put some of the blame on Russia for hacking and leaks, and FBI Director Comey for interfering with and influencing the final days of the election. But, perhaps, the loss is simply explained by the natural desire for change every four to eight years. Twenty-five percent of the population is willing to bet on an inexperienced, unpredictable maverick that the other 25 percent (and our allies overseas) find morally corrupt, dangerous and ridiculous. As Trump would say, “What do you have to lose?” We shall see.

Judy Neel, Belleville