Letters to the Editor

The chickens have come home to roost

I’m finding these Trump protesters’ and the generations of liberal Democrat voters’ predicament quite amusing considering their woes are completely self-inflicted.

For decades they have voted for and supported laws that slowly eroded states’ rights and transferred their power to a centralized federal government. We as conservatives decried and warned about giving Washington so much power while minimizing that of each state.

The chickens have come home to roost.

The Big Government solution for everything has now suddenly become your enemy now that Donald Trump has taken the reins.

Now liberals cry about living in fear, having their rights ripped away from them, having illegal immigrants deported, etc.

But who gave that much authority to the federal government to begin with? The same liberals that now fear the government that they themselves allowed to grow into an all-encompassing institution.

Now here it is ... We told you so.

Think about that the next time you support mandates from Washington that invalidate the will of the individual states and its voters.

Robert M. Clyde, Caseyville