Letters to the Editor

Obama’s last junket

The Traveler-in-Chief is out on his final international junket to Europe and South America. The trip planning is especially challenging since he’ll be traveling to Greece, Germany, and Peru, in that order. Most lame ducks don’t fly well, but the president seems to still have a zest for travel.

Surely he’ll take the extended first family so they can get in some early Christmas shopping. Sasha shouldn’t have a problem missing school. In lieu of a letter from a parent, she can present an executive order.

Air Force One will come back loaded down with honey and olive oil from Greece, wooden nutcrackers and music boxes from Germany, and Alpaca scarves and sweaters from Peru. Don’t forget to pick up a special gift of Greek “Komboloi” (worry beads) for Hillary.

The president will by busy providing his personalized version of the recent presidential election results to his counterparts. It could present a difficult challenge for him to explain how the White House and the U.S. media got it so wrong.

Even as he’s running his final victory lap he’ll be assuring dignitaries that the future relationships of the U.S. with their countries are secure. Maybe he should have run that outlook past the president-elect since he’ll soon be sleeping in the bed the incumbent has made for him.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon