Letters to the Editor

How could middle class be Republican?

I have a difficult time understanding why anyone of the middle class, or even upper middle class, could ever justify being a Republican. The Grand Old Party (GOP) has always been a party devoted to the care and benefit of America’s wealthy. Its main interest is less government with lower taxes so more of the wealth remains in their pockets and investments. Our wealthy, though numerous, yet not enough so to win elections, must therefore convince a portion of the general electorate to buy into their low tax agenda. The GOP attempts, and often succeeds, by offering the sop of lowered taxes to the rest of us. We, blinded by the thought of our taxes being lowered, don’t realize that the extra few hundred dollars we’ll receive pales greatly in comparison to the additional thousands, even millions, of dollars the wealthy will acquire from the same programs. It’s a siren song that far too many of the middle class succumb to.

The income disparity in our country today is greater than it’s been since the early 1900s and continues to grow. A great deal of this disparity is caused by the convoluted and totally out-of-date tax code. This code only taxes income and not assets, so the wealthy are often able to shelter their wealth in assets that grow in value but earn little or no income, thereby reducing their taxable income. One of the biggest challenges of the new administration must be to take on a complete rewrite of the tax code.

Lee R. Pitzer, O’Fallon