Letters to the Editor

A sad state of affairs

Now that we know who the POTUS will be, can we understand why the Electoral College should be abolished? The level of mudslinging, accusations and counter-accusations is getting old. Candidates must deal with the problems we face and offer up solutions.

Take the township government. Are we truly ready to abolish townships that are also the same as city boundaries? The level of incompetence among local elected officials is ridiculous. How do you continue to use taxpayer-supported funds to support your private business?

The future looks very bleak for communities such as ESL, Washington Park, etc. It’s time for all black voters to seriously look at how we vote and whom we vote for. We control a large bloc of votes that could go to any candidate we want. But our leaders sell us out continually for the few dollars they receive to get out the vote. The cheating and voter fraud is very bad, yet no one will step forward to report for fear of losing that Christmas basket every year.

Just a sad state of affairs.

Percy Harris, East St. Louis