Letters to the Editor

What’s going on with Hyatt?

Big question was a rep from the Hyatt Hotel Corporation at the press conference? A project this size, you would think they would be here. Is there a signed contract? Who calls all these press conferences when they have no idea of what they are to say? Don’t call a press conference if you don’t know what you should say. I guess we should all call the Hyatt Corporation and ask them what’s going on. The last press conference they were just about to name the hotel; now the article says there looking in Utah for financing. What about the state of Illinois? Can they not get the financing here? Does Utah really know what’s going on? People open your wallets. The gas station and restaurant aren’t open; they haven’t even started the gas station. Would you not think they should be pre-approved with the financing for something this big?

Lillian Schneider, Belleville