Letters to the Editor

Sound off: BND readers react to Trump protests, taxes, and deer

A bunch of cry babies

The people have spoken and they have elected Donald Trump as president. If I had a kid that went to college and was burning the America flag, I would tell him that the buck stops here and you have to pay for your own college. We’re raising a bunch of cry babies and it all starts at home. The values start in the home.

Punishment should fit crime

There was a story about truck driver who was charged with reckless homicide regarding a multi-vehicle crash in O’Fallon. If the the man is convicted, he faces between two and five years in prison. Somehow, that doesn’t to be a fair trade for the life of the woman who died in this crash. I hope that’s one of the first things that our new president looks into, and that’s changing the laws so that the punishment fits the crime.

Ignore the protesters

Just like a small child who throws a tantrum, if the parents ignore them they will stop. I wish the media would ignore these childish kids who say that Trump is not their president.

Get over it

Trump is going to be the president, so get over it. The media is inciting the riots with these snot nose demonstrating kids that don’t have a clue.

Rebels without a cause

What are these people protesting? Nothing as far as I know has been done illegally, it was all fair and square. Do you just want to let your neighbor know that you don’t approve of the way the vote? It just doesn’t make sense. It’s like a rebel without a cause.

Let Rauner save the state

Rauner made $200 million dollars last year and he paid $50 million dollars in taxes, and his family donated $11 million dollars to charity. Mr. Madigan, you need to follow Rauner’s lead. Better yet, the citizens need to vote Madigan out and let Rauner come in and save the state.

Return of Camelot

Finally, Camelot has come to the White House again.

Taxes are going up

Someone needs to look into the St. Clair Township on 159. I’m a property owner and they raised my taxes 580 percent. When I called the county to see if it was a mistake, they told me it was the fault of the previous assessor. The public needs to know about the previous assessor, the current assessor and why these taxes took such a jump from last year to now. My bill went from $100 a month to $800 a month. I’m retired and I can’t afford it.

When are they leaving?

I wish the media would check on these celebrities who said that they were leaving if Trump was elected. I’d like to know when they’ll be leaving. Were they just mouthing off?

Blame this Cubs fan

It’s my fault that Trump is in office. I’m a Cubs fan and usually by the end of April our season is over, but this year the Cubs kept going. They did well in April, had a great May, June, July, August and September. They played their hearts out and showed how great they could be. In October, they struggled through the playoffs, but they kept winning. In early November, it happened. The Cubs won the World Series, the first time in many years. That being said, that led to hell freezing over. When hell froze over, the rivers of Styx froze over, and Donald Trump was allowed to escape from purgatory. It is my fault Donald Trump is the new president elect of the United States.

Scared to death

Someone wrote in about all the shooting in the Highridge/Winslow Road area. This past Sunday, it was like a war zone. It’s a shame that the kids and the pets can’t get out on these pretty days. We are scared to death. Calling the police does no good. There has to be something done about this.

Stop the fraud

How many elections do the voters of St. Clair county have to go through before someone starts to investigate the voter fraud. We had many republican candidates that were leading the election by a very large margin of votes and all of a sudden at the end of the night, they had this surprising amount of votes tallied from East St. Louis that were for Democrat candidates. How many times does this have to happen? There are many good people who are better than the people who won that were leading until the East St. Louis vote came in. It’s obvious voter fraud and I for one am tired of it.

Why no coverage?

Why wasn’t there a story on the last member of the Bivens family retiring from the police department. Great police history and an interesting story. The other news outlets did the story, why didn’t our own local paper cover it?

More handouts

I used to be a regular shopper at the Ace Hardware, 6900 Block West Main, but that time has to end when I read how they went to the city to try to get money to fix up their business. Once again, Mayor Eckert is going to give money to a business that can’t get money elsewhere. If it’s such a great idea, they should go to the bank for the money, not just get free money from the city. If I have to pay higher prices for a product, I will begin to shop outside the city of Belleville where the tax rates are lower.

Where’s the FBI?

When is the FBI going to look into the St. Clair county courthouse that has stolen elections for the democrats ever since I have lived here?

Call the grand jury

Concerning the editorial of November 13th, the column is filled with claims of voter fraud. All of this information should be given to the grand jury. If the BND can’t do it, maybe the state representative will.

No to go karts

What’s the deal with The Edge receiving an easement from the city so that they can gain control of Union Avenue to build a go-kart track. I as a neighbor do not want to have a noisy track built near my house that will be running these karts while I sleep. How about telling the people what’s going on Belleville.

What’s the purpose?

What is the purpose of the code enforcement office in Fairview Heights? In my neighborhood, people park boats and campers in their driveway, use work trailers as storage sheds and put up temporary structures for permanent use. Don’t even bother to call them about overgrown yards full of debris and waste, they simply will not respond. I know Fairview Heights only cares about commercial development, but nice, clean, safe neighborhoods might make Fairview Heights more attractive to businesses and shoppers alike.

Dwindling deer harvest

Has anyone considered that the count of the deer harvest might be affected by the fact that we continue to build more homes, hospitals, buildings, highways all while destroying the deer’s natural habitat? You can’t destroy the deer’s habitat and not expect them to find shelter elsewhere.

Fix the budget

If something isn’t done with the budget, the state will be $7 billion in the red by June 30 and the backlog of unpaid bills will top $13 billion by that time. I’m a state retiree, I can’t even go to the dentist without paying for it up front because they won’t accept my insurance. I’ve had to pay two dentists and I’m out $2800. Boy you people need to start paying attention to what is happening in Illinois.