Letters to the Editor

This election was revenge of poorly-educated white men

My take on our recent requirement of democracy is that it was the revenge of the mostly poorly-educated white men who believed they had been “disrespected” for too long. They cared not what Trump said or did, or how dangerous some of his offhand statements were, i.e. “We have nuclear weapons; why not use them?” or “Japan, Korea and Saudi Arabia should have nuclear weapons.” His crude comments on women were disqualifying, but his core base cared not. He could have been found in bed with a 12-year-old boy or a dead prostitute, and it would not have mattered.

This core group was augmented by a fringe group of relatively well-educated citizens who just wanted “change.” I believe the weekend polls before the election hurt Clinton as they generally showed her with a comfortable lead so on Election Day, when a Clinton supporter faced a two-hour wait to vote, they could leave with the comfort of believing their vote was not needed for her election. The black community did not turn out for Clinton as they had for Obama, and that is understandable.

I look forward to ISIS being destroyed in a very short period and poor Mexico having to pay for our “wall.” Unfortunately I am certain a year from now it will be almost impossible to find anyone who will admit they voted for Trump as I expect his performance to be slovenly and his accomplishments to be nonexistent.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon