Letters to the Editor

Racism solves nothing

Racism is running amok in this country.

The “Hamilton” spokesman is a good example: His statement is in-your-face latent racism. The cast itself is mostly Negro or black heritage, portraying people of mostly or entirely European ancestry. Where did this all come from?

The president of the U.S. who has held office for the past eight years has fostered a lot of racism with his responses to police shootings. The men and women of African heritage have taken his words to heart and have become racist against whites (in general) and have brought out the most racist tendencies of radical whites against the blacks (in general). I pray to God that this nation can escape racism from both sides.

The Pitts column that you print with increasing regularity fosters racism.

Let’s give it up and act like Christians. I wish you could have been at the Southern Baptist Convention in Saint Louis, MO. (I went but am not a member.) The outgoing president of the SBC implored those gathered to give up any latent or outward racism.

Just give it up, folks. It solves nothing. Let the love of Jesus shine forth in a dark and dangerous world.

H. Ray Sigler, Highland