Letters to the Editor

Mitt Romney is two-faced embarrassment

I have lost all the respect I once had for that gross fraud and hypocrite, Mitt Romney. I just listened, again, to the damming speech he gave condemning, in so many ways, Trump as a candidate for president of the Republican Party. Romney called Trump a “fraud,” a “danger to democracy,” a “con man and a fake.” He then went on to criticize Trump’s proposed tax policy and failure to release his tax returns. The entire speech was a complete condemnation of Trump as a worthwhile candidate.

Now for Romney, to even consider serving in a Trump administration, after having accused Trump of gross personal deficiencies is evidence of a complete lack of character and just reinforces the terrible opinion that so many Americans have of politicians and their ability to vacillate and “flip flop.” That Romney could be so two-faced is a great embarrassment to anyone who had previously admired him, as I did.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon