Letters to the Editor

Sound off: BND readers react to Oliver Hamilton, taxes, and an act of kindness

Stay away from Hooters

I feel really bad for the veteran who went to Applebee’s and felt uncomfortable around the waitress who wore a very revealing uniform. He’s lucky the Playboy Clubs aren’t still in business, but if he’s bothered by what a waitress wore at Applebee’s, then he should definitely stay away from Hooters.

Where’s the restitution?

What has this world come to? Oliver Hamilton received a sweet deal by being able to waive his indictment in order to make a plea deal. What ever happened to the term “full restitution”?

PC run amok

Bloomington, Indiana renamed Good Friday to Spring Holiday and Columbus Day to Fall Holiday. What is going on in this country when you have to start doing things for the sake of “political correctness.”

Justice for dog

On Tuesday morning, a dog owner’s beloved terrier “Maxi,” was attacked by a pitbull that was carelessly allowed to run free by his owners. Through quick action by the sheriff’s department, animal control arrived and the owner’s were identified. The animal was taken to animal control and they found that it was current on all of its shots and returned to its owner. Legally, nothing else could be done. I guess after all, Maxi was just a dog, so no need to do more. Where’s the justice?

Where will bigwigs go?

I see that Pitcher’s Sports Bar is closing up in downtown Belleville. Now that that’s going to happen, I wonder where all the politicians, judges and everyone else in the courthouse are going to hang out since that place is like their second home. They spend more time in their than on their jobs.

Please decorate

Last year the houses on the square looked so pretty, now the have this ugly white tent and it looks horrible. I think they should decorate that tent with wreaths or lights and make it look pretty. They should decorate the little houses too so that it looks more festive. Merry Christmas.

Finally, the road is open

The gods of Waterloo have finally answered the prayers of all the drivers. The barriers are down and the lanes are open. A project that was supposed to be finished back in April, here we are just before Thanksgiving getting it done. To all the political folks out there that had anything to do with the success of this project, I just have to say maybe you should retire. Thank you.

Lindenwood, please explain

The state fire marshall came down to inspect the buildings at Lindenwood and they were told that the buildings needed to have sprinklers installed. Over a year has gone by and I believe they had two years to get this done. What is the status of this situation? Are these buildings going to get sprinklers or not? If not, what will happen to the buildings? Lindenwood needs to explain why these buildings haven’t been brought up to code.

A beautiful act

The repo man who showed mercy and tenderness to the elderly couple who were having their car repossessed by a bank, shows the difference between the 1 percent and the rest of us. That was a beautiful act by a blue collar person and not by a bank trying to get publicity. This act of kindness should be noted.

Guns in residential areas

Regarding the gunfire on Winslow Drive, how would those gun nuts liked it if we shot our guns near their house at night or during a family barbeque. I guess someone is going to have to get hurt before something is done about this gun use in residential areas.

Outsourced media

Why can’t the government step in and stop public media from being outsourced to other countries? I don’t want my subscription payments to pay to employ someone over seas when so many people here need jobs.

Hire union workers

Why does Keeley & Sons Co. have non-union workers driving their water trucks? This is not the first time they have brought in scabs and it’s not right. There are union guys waiting for work in Local 50 and they are being shut out by scabs hired by companies like Keeley & Sons.

Support Trump

I’ve come to the conclusion, and glad I’m one of the many individuals who was frustrated and eager enough to believe in and vote for Mr. Donald J. Trump. I also believe that with his super negotiating skills and business efficiency, he will make all things right in solving our self-inflicted problems. While you may not like all aspects of the messenger, he is the only one that has come forward with his experience, money, time and willingness to do what he thinks will get America back on track. We must give him a chance to perform. I ask: “What do you have to lose?”

Gouged at the pumps

Yet another holiday weekend in the metro-east and the gas prices have jumped 20 cents. Why have they jumped 20 cents? It is still the same gas from last week. The gas companies figured out that they can gouge you on the holiday weekend and no one will say a thing. Our representatives are supported by these gas companies, especially the little ones. It’s the companies that sell gas like Circle K and Midwest Petroleum that set the local prices, not the major companies and our local representatives won’t do a thing about it because the companies are campaign donors. These people got what they wanted from the voters and we are being bled at the gas pumps yet again.

Cut the tax levy

The reason for eliminating the Belleville Township layer of government was to decrease taxes. The city of Belleville wants to take the money that the township previously taxed the citizens. One trustee, Mr. Hadburg, gave examples of why the townships expenses would no longer be needed for salaries and overhead. What’s the purpose of eliminating the township if the city of Belleville and Mr Eckert are just going to keep the same tax levy. It’s just a bunch of crap. What are you going to do with money? Give it to one of your cronies just like your TIF money?

Where are the Troy police?

There’s an accident on Route 40 in front of Troy High School. Why isn’t there a Troy cop at the scene. I see Madison County cops which takes them a good half hour to get where they’re going. Troy police are always there to pull you over for a ticket, but when there’s an accident they’re nowhere to be found. I guess they’re at the doughnut shop.