Letters to the Editor

Washington Post needs to get over it

I was disappointed but not surprised with the Washington Post’s anti-Trump editorial recently printed in the BND. Like a puppy with a new chew toy, they just can’t let it go. The Post persists in their lame attempts to convince their readership that Trump is a “loser.” Hillary should have won.

While the random acts of intolerance the Post described are unfortunate and disheartening, their relationship to Trump is unclear. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that a disgruntled Hillary or Bernie supporters could be behind the misconduct, trying their damnedest to discredit Trump.

The Post should strive to get the facts before they point fingers. Regardless of their motivation, the ill-advised hooligans involved are but a drop in the very big bucket of over 126 million voters, assuming they voted.

The Post and others who openly and vigorously supported Hillary need to get a grasp of the new reality. Much as it has become a cliché, all Americans need to focus on coming together to “make America great again.” Acting like obstinate teenagers, rebelling against their parents, won’t move our nation forward.

Contrary to the Post’s characterization, for many who watched it didn’t appear that Trump was “pressed” during his 60 Minutes interview in regards to the threats and slurs. Trump might have simply been perplexed as to what interviewer Leslie Stahl intended him, still just a private citizen until January 20, to do about it. It was disingenuous for the Post to mislead their readership.

Where’s the current president when you need him?

Bill Malec, O’Fallon