Letters to the Editor

Please help stray animals

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless everyone – special thanks to everyone who supports and donates to the Tom Qualls Foundation for People and Animals Wishing Well Ministry Outreach.

We are in great need of help for our fall and winter warm-ups for stray dogs and cats. Truly caring is sharing. Please help us with warm doghouses, hay, straw, tarps, dog and cat food, money, etc.

As God’s volunteers, we must and will do all we can. Oh what a joy it is to love God’s animals. Please give a dog or a cat a good, loving, warm home. What a perfect gift for Christmas, a new family member that will be your best friend: loyal, loving, joy, lifesaver. Please visit a no kill animal shelter or the St. Clair Animal Control in Belleville, the Belleville Area Humane Society.

Our slogan with our Wishing Well Ministry is “Make a wish and with the sweet grace of God Almighty it will come true. God has many angels that are animal lovers with hearts of gold.”

We are so very thankful to everyone, people that we don’t know. Oh how wonderful with caring, loving people, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all year long. I cry with joy when we get a donation, as we pray and God always provides, as we know there is power in prayer.

Thank you, and God bless.

Rev. Tom Qualls Sr., Washington Park