Letters to the Editor

We can thank Trump for not having to endure another Clinton presidency

I would like to reply to the letter by Fred Ehrstein in the Nov. 17, edition of The Belleville News-Democrat.

Ehrstein says that he is ashamed to be an American. His feeling is probably due to the outcome of the presidential election.

As for being ashamed to be an American, I know all too well that feeling. That was the feeling I had when Bill Clinton was elected to the presidency in 1992 and again in 1996. I still have not forgiven the people of this country for that. I never thought that I would ever live to see elected as President of the United States a confirmed liar, adulterer, pot smoker and, especially, a draft dodger. The Clinton presidency was a disgrace and a shame cast upon our White House that has never been equaled and hopefully never again will be.

We can now take pride in the election of Donald Trump in that the Clintons were not able to sell us two for the price of one.

Frank B. Austin, O’Fallon