Letters to the Editor

The next decade will be pretty good

Isn’t it amazing that liberal editors and columnists who couldn’t find their butt with both hands have recently discovered the Emoluments Clause in the Constitution? The Emoluments Clause is designed to prohibit U.S. officeholders from using their position in government to gain personal wealth. Isn’t it just as amazing that these same people who are now saying president-elect Trump should put his business interests in a blind trust run by someone else simultaneously discourage continued investigation into the Clinton Foundation when there is solid evidence that Hillary was using her position as Secretary of State to get rich?

Bill and Hillary Clinton are fabulously wealthy. It seems that the majority of their wealth came from selling U.S. government largess with payment disguised as huge speaking fees and donations to the dubious Clinton Foundation. Donald Trump is wealthier by a factor of ten. Trump’s wealth is the result of things you can see, big buildings, hotels you can stay at, golf courses you can play. Not all of Trump’s business ventures have been successful, but most have.

I’m happy that we have a president-elect who has actually signed the front of a paycheck, someone who has been at the mercy of unelected bureaucrats enforcing harmful regulations. Someone who understands that the competition that produces $300, 50-inch flat screen TVs can produce better schools and better health care.

I think the next decade will be pretty good.

Gary Duff, Swansea