Letters to the Editor

Country lost leadership with Obama, not Trump

Never have I ever read a letter more arrogant and condescending than the one recently written by Lee Pitzer. He claims America is the most successful nation in the world because of our “Elites.” I don’t really know what “Elites” are, but I suspect Pitzer means the Ivy League college graduates, with their Brooks Brothers suits and expensive foreign cars, who depend on their fraternity brothers to get them jobs.

Well, I have news for Pitzer. Without the ordinary citizens working down in the trenches, the “Elites” would not amount to a hill of beans.

Pitzer is even more snobbish with his statement that Donald Trump’s election was “the revolt of the Little People” against the “Elites” and their “betters.” Just who the heck does Pitzer think he is to decide who my “betters” are? No one is “better” than the “Little People” who fought our wars. There were few “Elites” among the pioneers who faced great obstacles and dangers as they moved west to become farmers and ranchers, small business owners and builders of the local businesses and schools.

This country did not lose its leadership of the world with the election of Trump; it was lost eight years ago when Obama was elected. Obama has left President-elect Trump with a truckload of problems with the bowl of spaghetti that is our foreign policy, a middle class with lower income than when Obama took office, the smallest military since before World War II, and the threat of terrorism all over the world.

Leon Anderson, Collinsville