Letters to the Editor

Another election and a nation still divided

Another election over and the nation still divided. An uneducated electorate, on what is federalism’s actual role, in our everyday lives and a mindset of electing an individual based on what they will do for them. Whatever happened to individual freedom, being self-reliant?

We continually hear it: Republicans are for the rich. The party represents limited government and who, more than the wealthy, businesses and corporations, are capable on their own? Because of that, they lobby and vote to be left alone.

Then there are the Democrats who “fight” for the working class and the poor. This is advertised regularly because it creates an impression of compassion and caring for the less fortunate. The same compassion we have available at the state level and private sector.

After nine decades of federalism expansion, Democrats and Republicans have created a $20 trillion national debt, with $200 trillion unfunded liabilities, a debt that is being ignored in Washington and by the general public. Continuing to add to such debt will only hasten our eventual economic collapse.

Democrats’ answer: Increase taxes outside their party base. But such taxation is only used in “investing,” more spending.

Republicans’ answer: Across-the-board tax rate reductions. While that does generate higher revenues, Republicans have failed to rein in federal spending as well.

A complete economic collapse means no funding for national defense, social programs, entitlements, federal employee paychecks … And for many who thought this election was a shock, think again.

Russell C. Fette, Collinsville