Letters to the Editor

Is this all a big joke?

Is Chuck Keller’s sniveling to the BND regarding the Hofbrauhaus development’s negative comments a joke? Evidently, Chucky must be feeling guilty about duping Belleville taxpayers. Chucky now says the new tentative opening date for the Hofbrauhaus is May 2017, if the weather permits. Over a year late! Any competent project manager builds potential weather delays into their project timeline. Chucky didn’t! Funding issues are most likely the problem.

It is painfully obvious the Keller family didn’t have a hotel commitment, and probably still don’t. Negotiations for the big time soccer park are still being negotiated. Probably waiting to see how much money the Belleville clowns will provide. Then to top it off, we find out Keller didn’t have all the project financing arranged until recently, with ICON Commercial Lending. No wonder the project has been at a standstill.

It sure is good to know Mayor Eckert and his city TIF clowns did the proper due diligence before committing taxpayer money to start this project. Well, St. Clair County has the $12 million-a-year White Elephant on the Prairie. What will Belleville taxpayers call their unfinished Hofbrauhaus? The Eckert Beer Garden? BYOB!

Pete Hill, O’Fallon