Letters to the Editor

Hillary lost — get over it

Before the election, the major media didn’t really push for an investigation of the Clinton Foundation’s close ties and huge financial donations from many questionable countries. Also to show how above board she was, Mrs. Clinton said, “I will accept the results of the election.”

Fast forward to today. Today, the major media is saying that President-elect Trump’s foreign investment ties could influence him. Hillary and her Democratic Party have joined in the Green Party’s quest for a recount without any substantial indication that anything was wrong.

So Hillary gets a free pass, no one mentions she said she would accept election results, and there was no problem with the tangled web of foreign ties of the Clinton Foundation.

Also, stopped pushing she won the popular vote. She only won that because she carried New York and California, the two huge, most populous, liberal sanctuary city states.

Get over it. Hillary lost.

Constantine N. Evgenides, O’Fallon