Letters to the Editor

Always good for a laugh, but not facts

I always get a good laugh while shaking my head and reading the letters from Gene Robke. Judging from the frequency of his letters, the guy must have a lot of free time on his hands. Or, all he does is work and troll the far left Internet sites because he has no social life.

I’ve written a letter or two over the years, and most of the information contained within is from my memory cells, things I recall happening. For at least 30 years I’ve stayed in tune with politics via newspapers, network news and other various credible news organizations. I don’t go trolling right-wing Internet sites in search of heavily biased stories so that I can write another letter to the BND in order to see my name in print.

This Robke character’s letters contain so many so-called specific facts that it’s as obvious as the Clintons are corrupt that he’s trolling far left Internet sites for things to write versus pulling it from his memory banks. He’s forever stating wild conspiracy theories as fact. And that’s OK because most common sense folk don’t take him seriously. We understand that staying up late at night trolling far left Internet sites in your underwear gives some people a sense of purpose, but certainly not credibility.

Sorry Gene, but you can’t rewrite history by Googling. Your letters are more entertaining than informative. Frankie Seaberry’s prejudice letters are neither entertaining nor informative.

Gary Like, Highland