Letters to the Editor

Life doesn’t give out trophies

Impressive to see college students shedding tears, throwing tantrums, and showing their complete ignorance of the Constitution ever since Donald Trump won the presidential election. Complicit in their inability to understand real life and getting on with it like an adult are many of their college instructors and administrators who train and teach them this infantile understanding of life. Void in understanding that there are winners and losers, bullies and heroes, hardworking and lazy people, perverts and noble mentors, and the comparisons go on. These seeds were planted early in their public school experience by many teachers, counselors, and educators who thought they were being “sensitive” to the fragile shell of each of their students. They call themselves the “inclusive” and “non-judgmental” generation. Meaning, they couldn’t discern right from wrong if their life depended on it. And it does. These same little skulls full of mush that can’t handle criticism (especially face to face), defeat, or anything else, they deem as bullying. They think life gives out trophies, praise, and income by just being their special little selves. Still living with their mommies and daddies while bitching at them for their shortcomings. And of course we can’t leave out the parents who just wanted to be their children’s buddy. I have a hot tip in investing. Buy up as much baby diaper stocks as you can; there is a huge demand for diapers for children under the age of 35.

Brent Rains, Collinsville