Letters to the Editor

Stop blaming women for immature men’s actions

I was shocked to read Charles Riess’ letter blaming women for our “oversexed society” just because he caught a glimpse of cleavage at Applebee’s when his waitress bent down to pick up a napkin. While claiming women push men into cheating, he further blamed women for adultery, abortion, and the breakup of the family, then added, “Today, men are bombarded from every direction with sexual innuendo and don’t need any more distractions while they are keeping their libidos under control.” Wow! What friggin’ cave did this Neanderthal just come out of, or did he emigrate to the U.S. from the Middle East?

The reason there are no rape and sexual assault laws in Muslim countries is exactly what Riess asserts – it’s the woman’s fault if a man can’t control his sexual urges. So, Mr. Riess, if you have difficulty controlling your urges when you get a glimpse of cleavage at Applebee’s, you should only dine at the more expensive restaurants where the waitresses wear ties. You probably should avoid all the places where women go to shop (Walmart, Target, malls, grocery stores) because you might see some cleavage there too; and going to the beach or lake in the summer is definitely off-limits.

But don’t put all men into your category – mature men in western countries don’t have your problem. In our society, all men are responsible and accountable for their behavior towards women regardless of their choice of apparel.

David Vail, O’Fallon