Letters to the Editor

Republicans need to put emphasis on states’ rights

Since the dawn of the Republican conservative movement, Republicans have campaigned for states’ rights. President Ronald Wilson Reagan promoted states’ rights during his presidential campaigns in 1976 and again in 1980 and 1984. The American people followed President Reagan’s advice and gleefully embraced states’ rights on a number of issues.

Two highly publicized issues were legalized at the state level all across this great nation of ours with conservative Republicans leading the way, singing the states’ rights anthem. Twenty-nine states have legalized various uses of marijuana, and 37 states have legalized gay marriage or civil unions since Reagan’s presidency. Reagan is looking down at American from Heaven thinking what a great nation we have become by embracing states’ rights.

So, come on Republicans! It is time for you to party and proclaim the conservative movement’s success spreading states’ rights mentality to the American electorate. Be proud, stand tall, and chant states’ rights. President Reagan, the patron saint of the Republican Party, would want nothing less.

Art Sheridan, Swansea