Letters to the Editor

The New York Times needs to get off their high horse

After reading the recent New York Times editorial in the BND, I was pleased that they’re now all firmly behind our president-elect and ready to fully support him as he strives to “Make America great again.” Not!

Their sore loser antics are reminiscent of the Republican and conservative strategy of all-out resistance to popular President-elect Obama. “If he was for it,” one senator explained, “we had to be against it.”

We see how that worked out for Americans.

The Times editorial staff needs to get off their high horses and come down and mingle with the masses.

They forget that issues they dredged up like the birther lie, the climate change hoax, and waterboarding actually had some traction and followership not too many years back. Most of us are older and wiser now, but there’s still a degree of disagreement and skepticism amongst some. That’s an unfortunate sign of the times.

Those issues probably didn’t rank high in Election Day polls, as flawed as they’ve been shown to be, as being forefront as voter concerns.

Trump has either come around or will soon come around on these and other issues as his presidency evolves.

Meanwhile The Times spends all its time unconstructively by whining and foot-dragging. This when America needs to regroup to march on. The Times should throw out those freshly printed “We told you so!” cards and join in as part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon, IL