Letters to the Editor

America was built by the “under-educated”

A couple of recent letters claim Donald Trump was elected by under-educated males; additionally, the claim was made that many of the men who elected Trump also had poor eating habits. Thus, Trump was elected by dumb, fat guys eating chips in front of the TV. I would like to know just whom is considered under-educated by the writers – just a high school education - eighth grade only - or perhaps anyone less educated than themselves? Is the point that less-educated men are too dumb to vote, i.e., not smart enough to understand the issues? Is an “under educated” man’s vote less worthy than one who has a PhD?

It seems to me that the referenced letter writers are well educated men who consider themselves more qualified voters than the less educated man. I would submit that this great country was built by many men with no more than a high school education.


James McAfee, Belleville