Letters to the Editor

What have Republicans ever done for the middle class?

Leon Anderson’s Nov. 29 letter attempted to challenge my premise that no middle class person could justify being a Republican. He begins his feeble effort by accusing Obama of allowing Wall Street to flourish while the “middle class” stagnated. Our financial system was on the verge of collapse when Obama became president and his administration took bold actions to avert a disaster, out of which came the Dodd-Frank rules.

Anderson goes on to accuse the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as having “further degraded middle class Americans.” Such a charge is totally unfounded as the law is a benefit to all our less affluent citizens. Anderson then chastises Obama for not changing the tax code. The reason he did not was that the ACA was all-consuming at the time, and a major overhaul of the tax code was not doable with a Republican Congress.

Anderson admonishes Democrats with “encouraging illegal aliens” when in fact Obama has deported more illegals than any other president. He then faults Obama with a “horrible mess” when in fact unemployment has gone from 10 percent to 5 percent and the stock market, which we can all benefit from in our retirement programs, has increased from 6500 to 19,000 on his watch. I again remind all that Democrats put into law Social Security and Medicare, over fierce Republican opposition. What have Republicans ever done for the middle class?

Roy Brown’s letter, also on Nov. 29, passed the height of foolishness!

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon