Letters to the Editor

Obama should pardon former Secret Service agent

During Thanksgiving week a former Secret Service agent, Abraham Bolden, was undoubtedly thinking about the events that occurred at that time of the year in 1963. He was the main whistleblower in accusing the Secret Service of being lax in their protection of John F. Kennedy during the Dallas motorcade. In reality, many of the agents in the motorcade should have been fired including Bill Greer (he braked instead of accelerating after the first shot was fired), Roy Kellerman (he didn’t move into the back seat), and SS Agent Emory Roberts (he didn’t shout any warnings to the agents in the follow-up car). At least four other SS agents in the follow-up car, including Clint Hill, should also have been fired for excessive drinking the night before.

During his Warren Commission testimony, Secret Service Chief James Rowley admitted that at least nine agents had been drinking the night before. Rowley added that he had not wanted to blame the agents for the assassination – he did not want to “stigmatize” them or their families. Instead the stigmatization fell entirely on Bolden. He was convicted of false bribery charges in August 1964 by totally corrupt Judge Sam Perry and fired from the Secret Service shortly thereafter.

It was sure cool to watch Obama pardon turkeys Tater and Tot. Maybe now he can do what is right and just and pardon a man who could have received a Presidential Medal of Freedom instead of a prison sentence if JFK had survived.

Thomas Fohne, Columbia