Letters to the Editor

Trump needs to accomplish what he promised

I was certainly gratified on Nov. 30, when I read Leon Anderson’s letter in the paper’s editorial section in which he praised a previous entry of mine for being “more arrogant and condescending” than he had ever read. His adulation of my effort was because of my “praise” of “elites” who had made this country the greatest the world had ever known. Anderson had to admit he did not know who or what “elites” were, even though my letter he was commenting on had identified “elites” as those superior individuals, in all walks of life, who had made this country great by their far-reaching and varied accomplishments of distinction.

Anderson goes on to praise the “little people” for making the “elites” who they are, whereas my view is that the “little people” are the beneficiaries of the work and accomplishments of the “elites.” Anderson goes on to charge me with being “snobbish.” He’s undoubtedly under the mistaken impression that I consider myself one of the “elites,” which is a false assumption. I just happen to admire the leadership and distinctions of the “elites.”

Anderson concludes with a hodge-podge of so called triumphs of the “little people,” some of which have a ring of truth, but the fact remains Trump was elected as revenge and a revolt of the “little people” against their “betters,” the “elites.” So now Trump has to justify this misplaced faith by accomplishing what he promised after having already backed away or modified much of what he had promised.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon