Letters to the Editor

Donald Trump won so get over it

The people have spoken. Donald Trump has won the election, and the protestors need to put their “big boy” pants on and find a job other than professional protestor.

Editorialist Leonard Pitts needs to swallow his racist diatribe and go to other issues that are problematic to the African-American community. How about tackling the heroin epidemic? Jim Walters needs to climb out of his ivory tower of self-appreciation and intermingle with working class folk that have real economic issues. I realize that his prima donna didn’t make the cut, but all I can say, Jim, is get over it!

I look forward to the next four years of race-baiting letters we’re sure to read from Walters, Robke and Seaberry, but oh well. I’ll read them in the same manner that I read the comic section. I apologize to the liberal college students that read this letter and feel the need to run to their safe spaces. Grow up!

James J. Price, Coulterville