Letters to the Editor

Protesters against Trump are trying to silence others, promote hate

Our readers’ take on the week’s news:

Protesters are showing their true colors

These protesters who are damaging property, promoting the killing of President-elect Trump are showing their true colors. These are the people who believe their views are all that matters, and trying to silence those who disagree. While at the same time saying how they are compassionate to others and open minded. Give me a break ... they are the worst. President Obama now speaks of unity in our country when it was HE, the liberals and the media who divided this country by promoting racism and hate every time there was a crime by white on black before even knowing the facts. I condemn all crime no matter of color or gender. Remember when he won, he said the “Republicans can come along but they have to sit in the back. We won and they didn’t.” I did not vote for President Obama both times, and when he won, I did not go out and protest and loot other people’s property. You protesters ... get over it. Better yet, how about being constructive and get a job and pay taxes.

Fancy cars won’t help people learn to drive

I’ve been driving for almost 50 years and it’s come to the point where I have to buy used cars because the new cars have got too many bells and whistles. I don’t need my car to beep at me if I do something that it thinks is wrong. I don’t need a television screen on my dashboard in order to back up. I don’t need a car that parks itself. We are raising a generation of people who will not know how to drive in the future. They won’t know how to parallel park or how to pay attention to the cars in front of them. The traffic will only get worse because more of these types of drivers will be on the road.

Please take your pets inside

It’s the time of year again when cold weather is coming. I’d like to urge anyone who keeps their pets outside to make sure that their shelters are warm and dry.

What’s going on with Casino Queen and Fairmount?

What’s the latest going on between Casino Queen and the Fairmount Racetrack as far as trying to get some financial assistance for the track? Any progress made on the casino buying out Fairmount? Is Jerry Costello still involved in this deal or has he turned over control to his son Jerry Costello Jr.? Jerry Costello Jr. is being paid $1,000 a week to be a consultant on this project. I wonder if he has the guts to admit it.

Belleville KFC needs handicap accessible bathrooms

I would like to know why the KFC on Carlyle Avenue in Belleville has two bathrooms that are not handicap accessible. When you open the door, it hits the sink. There is no way that a wheelchair could ever navigate through the doorway. If the city is moving towards ADA standards, how about the businesses complying with the law? KFC needs to make their bathrooms handicap accessible.

Focus on prosecuting violent criminals

I see that a 28-year-old man received a six-year drug sentence in federal prison for dealing crack cocaine and having firearms in his residence. Why are we spending this kind of money to investigate and prosecute these types of crimes? We can save ourselves a lot of time and money if we focus on prosecuting criminals who committed violent crimes instead of drug offenders who will eventually have their sentence reduced.

Reuse old shopping centers instead of spending TIF money

I’m one of the typical black Friday shoppers and have been shopping Belleville for years. Why does the mayor continue to allow these shopping centers to be built with TIF money when there are so many failed ones in town. The old Kmart shopping center on the east end is almost completely vacant. Most of the tenants went to the new shopping center near Green Mount. What is the mayor going to do with the old shopping centers and how much TIF money was used to build them?

The west end of Belleville is a mess

Over the holiday, I went to the west end of Belleville. I lived out there, I grew up out there, raised my family out there and I am so glad I am gone. I have never seen such a mess in my life. If they took the bars from the west end of Belleville, there would be nothing. There’s no place to shop, there’s nothing to do and there areas are all filled with unwanted people. The homes in Ogles and that area are a mess. For anyone says that the west end is going to come back to life, it’s not. Belleville has just become a mess and I blame this on Mr. Eckert. He is more interested in playing around with his cronies than helping the people in this town. Ride round and take a look at the town. If you own a home in Belleville, I suggest you get out because it will be another East. St. Louis in a manner of years.

Ameren keeps adding new charges

I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income and it seems like every month Ameren hits me with a new charge. This month I’m looking at my bill and my total electricity used was $67. Which is not bad and I would be happy about the except that Ameren charged me $39 just to give me that electric. That $39 charge was for the electric delivery. It wasn’t for the electricity, it was just to deliver me the electricity. It costs me more than half of my usage just to be able to get it. So my $67 bill is up to $108. Does anyone else look at their bills and think this is crazy. I think that Ameren is padding their pockets again. It seems like every year they come up with a new charge to be able to get money from us because they’re tired of us getting our electric from someone else. Then I’m paying for their infrastructure and coal car recovery. I haven’t had a coal furnace in over 50 years. This is getting old and I’m really tired of it. Ameren. Stop it! Illinois, please do something about this. Thanks a lot Ameren, I guess I’m not getting anything from you this Christmas except coal.

Mascoutah school district is greedy

Mascoutah school district is a good example of greed. They plan to keep about 50 percent of the $.01 sales tax for what they call “need.” That comes out to be around $1 million. Only after their so called needs are met will they consider giving property owners tax relief. It’s hard to imagine how a district with over $28 million in cash reserves, one of the wealthiest districts in the county, can stand in front of taxpayers and piously state they need an additional million dollars from them. This is especially daunting considering the district received a $55 million-bond commitment from taxpayers to build a new high school in 2008, a school that cost about $49 million. Instead of approving the property tax reduction for the extra $6 million they connected, the district has sat on the money for the past eight years. Mascoutah school district doesn’t need any of the $.01 sales tax money. Their spending is based on wants not needs. Look at their new $2 million central office for an example of spending on wants. Mascoutah should make a commitment to refunding the sales tax money collected to property owners. If they do, voters would support the idea.