Letters to the Editor

BND could use some conservative columns to balance things out

Just when it was becoming more and more apparent that most all of the BND’s guest columnists had liberal leanings, along comes Maureen Dowd’s latest offering. Dowd, a Washington Post columnist, usually toots a liberal horn. On this occasion she offered a little “dueling siblings” and included a column written by her conservative brother.

Imagine getting paid to cut and paste someone else’s opinion piece into a column with your name on it. Great work if you can get it.

Brother Kevin’s piece was right on target and very refreshing. He definitely gets it!

Meanwhile, most liberal columnists are still fixated on the one that got away. Since either they, or the newspapers they write for, endorsed Hillary Clinton they’re now hyper-focused on making Donald Trump and his supporters pay for Hillary’s failure.

Dowd’s column aside, the BND could use some conservative leaning columns to balance things out. Maureen’s brother might be a good start but surely there are others.

Bill Malec, O’Fallon