Letters to the Editor

Their reply, or lack of, speaks volumes

Belle Valley School Superintendent Louis Obernuefemann and Board President Karen Kunz refused to answer my very important question as to why the Belle Valley students performed so poorly on achievement tests. The response was that “There is no requirement that the district board of education or administration respond to comments and/or questions.”

Such a reply is unconscionable and speaks volumes about their inability to understand and carry out their responsibilities. It reinforces my strong belief that they are unfit to hold their positions. Only school superintendents and board members who are clueless to their responsibilities, incompetent, and/or have something to hide refuse to answer questions. Their eventual departure from Belle Valley will be a day to celebrate.

In society there is a huge difference between what is legally required of us and what is proper. Acting in a proper and responsible manner is a much higher level of behavior. People who base their behavior solely upon what is legally required of them exhibit character deficiencies and should not be involved in educating our children.

Thank you.

Ted Farmer, Belleville