Letters to the Editor

January could irrevocably change human history

In January, one of the noblest people to ever be president will hand over that office to perhaps the most amoral and dangerous person ever elected. The results could be horrific and irrevocably change human history. American voters have openly welcomed neo-fascism into this nation and someday will have to answer for the results:

▪ When the U.S. unleashed a 21st century “Trail of Tears,” routing millions of immigrants from their homes and banishing them from the country, along with millions of their U.S. citizen dependents.

▪ When over 20 million Americans lost access to healthcare.

▪ When Social Security, Medicare and other social safety nets our citizens have counted upon for over 80 years were systematically privatized and pilfered.

▪ When American women not only lost their right to choose, but millions also lost access to basic women’s health care and birth control.

▪ When the Supreme Court, freshly restocked with extremist political ideologues, chose superstition and religious fundamentalism over the rights and freedom of millions of fellow citizens.

▪ When, at a critical turning-point in ecologic history our government failed to mitigate, or even recognize the reality of climate change and the resulting global catastrophe permanently altered human destiny.

Fascism is a strong word, so I’d advise everyone to look up its meaning. If the sophomoric bombast of the next administration doesn’t trigger a holocaust, those who survive into this treacherous future will need to explain to their progeny whose side they were on when this was allowed to happen.


Kevin J. Gagen, Belleville