Letters to the Editor

Obama was Trump’s secret weapon

I feel inspired to thank President Obama as well.

For having the lowest participation rate in the labor market. Thanks, Obama!

For putting your Internal Revenue Service on conservative groups and denying them tax exempt status. Thanks, Obama!

For our health insurance going up 20 percent, a higher deductible and not being able to keep my doctor. Thanks, Obama!

For blowing up the Middle East with your encouragement of the Arab Spring. Thanks, Obama!

For signing a lousy deal with Iran, worse than buying a Pinto. Thanks, Obama!

For denying thousands of sick veterans rapid access to health care at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Thanks, Obama!

For making coal too expensive to use for power production and killing southern Illinois jobs. Thanks, Obama!

For your support of Hillary Clinton, which vanquished her and Bubba from our lives! Thanks, Obama!

For your eight years of being the face of the Democratic Party and turning over 37 states and all of Congress to the Republicans. Thanks, Obama!

For making Fox News the number one cable news network during your administration. Thanks, Obama!

Finally, for being petulant and arrogant, as many Americans cling to their guns and religion. You were Donald Trump’s secret weapon. Thanks, Obama!

Phil Henning, Smithton