Letters to the Editor

Again, what have Republicans ever done for the middle class?

On Nov. 30, Randy Leffler chastised me for making the valid point that poorly educated white men were the key to Trump’s success. He then goes on to disparage major national news organizations as being “left wing” and then recommends that I would be better served by spending my time with other news sources, i.e., Fox perhaps? He then is critical of most news as being liberal, but not giving them the credit of having arrived liberal because of a fundamental belief that was best for the country.

Leffler then berates the national polls as being skewed by the liberal media, but how that happens, he fails to enlighten us. He then claims I was hoodwinked by the media, and all the time I just thought I was supporting the best qualified candidate instead of a clown who abuses women, lies, and is a pied piper of the “little people,” telling them what they wanted to hear, and has since already backed away from much of his sophistry.

Leffler concludes his diatribe by proposing I must have believed that “poorly educated blacks” were the ones who elected Obama and they were not better off today than before his presidency. If that is true it is the result of Republican unwillingness to compromise to get results, but that point is undoubtedly beyond Leffler’s ability to recognize. I must conclude with a point most young people do not know, and many seniors have forgotten: the Social Security and Medicare programs were passed into law by Democrats, after overcoming fierce Republican opposition. What have Republicans ever done for the middle class?

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon