Letters to the Editor

As long as the Electoral College exists, voting will remain undemocratic

As long as the Electoral College is in existence, and as long as electronic voting machines with no paper trails are utilized, the election process in the U.S. will remain undemocratic.

It’s not fair that the Electoral College, consisting of 538 people, choose the leader for the entire population of the U.S. Supposedly, the Electoral College ensures that the interest of smaller states won’t be overwhelmed by larger states. Hogwash! That law was to protect the interests of slave owners, but slavery is over. It also seems to assume everybody in larger states vote the same way. The Electoral College has outlived its usefulness.

Was the election rigged? Of course it was. The majority of Americans are sensible people, not deplorables who would elect a narcissistic leader totally devoid of presidential skills, qualities and qualifications just because he promised to make them feel supremely superior again. Sorry, but they’ll soon learn that he lied. At any rate, all electronic voting machines with no paper trails should be dumped immediately.

Lastly, who is in charge of reporting election results to television stations? Hopefully, representatives from each political party at the local, county and state levels of government are knowledgeable of the results before they are reported, and should follow-up to make certain these election results are reported correctly to the television stations. Again, who calls in the results, and who receives the results at the stations? You’re right! I’m not trusting a soul.

Frankie Seaberry, Centreville