Letters to the Editor

Readers Sound-Off on TIFs, politics, taxpayers and riots

Our readers comment on the week’s news:

Signatures against TIF 3 meant nothing

The signatures of approximately 2,000 citizens meant nothing who were against TIF 3 was shot down, so it didn’t do any good to stand at the podium and vote against it. My vote in April will hopefully do more good.

Belleville doesn’t get the things it needs

The condition of the streets in east Belleville is terrible and the city claims they don’t have the money to fix them. Today I drove down west Cleveland, and they’re putting in sidewalks. You don’t need two sidewalks on Cleveland because there’s not even traffic. Where is that money coming from? The things we need we don’t get. This is really disgusting. If I were to make a list of all the things that are wrong with Belleville, it would fill the entire editorial section of the newspaper. I’m sick of it.

Commemoration of riots is worst thing I’ve heard of

A commemoration of 1917 riots in East St. Louis is one of the worst things I have ever heard of. We all know that this is going to turn into more riots, more looting, more damage to homes, more damage to businesses. Why has the city decided to do this? The professionals looters are already marking their calendars for days to come into the city to begin robbing, looting and destroying what remains of East St. Louis. Bad idea, real bad idea.

A scam to taxpayers

I think the paper should do an article on TIF in Belleville. It is a scam to tax payers.

The melody still lingers long after the song

The song of Castro has ended, but the melody lingers on.

Let’s see who gets done faster

The Route 13/15 bridge must have the same people working on it as the Hofbrauhaus. Both of them seem to be milking the job quite a bit. Maybe there should be a contest between the two to see which gets done the quickest, the Route 13 bridge or the brew house.

Law enforcement isn’t stopping texting while driving

Thank you to all the drivers who are breaking the law by using a hand-held phone and or texting while they are driving. Thanks also to local law enforcement who don’t seem to be doing much to stop this potentially deadly behavior.

The real reason why Bread Co. moved

Why won’t anyone tell the truth about the Saint Louis Bread Co. is moving out of downtown Belleville? They are leaving because the city closed the Salvation Army that was helping the homeless and the transient, and they have been making the rounds down main street going into the downtown businesses. The Bread Co. was nice enough to feed these people some time and let them get warm, but the number of homeless people inside the restaurant started to become more than they could handle. There would be homeless people washing up in the bathrooms and it made the customers uncomfortable. The Bread Co. would still be in downtown Belleville if the city would have paid more attention to the homeless population and done something about it.

Highland Health Care Center neglects patients

I went to visit a friend and his wife at the Highland Health Care Center and is the most ridiculously understaffed place I’ve ever seen. There were three girls on one floor watching 23 people. We went in there to pick up my friend’s wheelchair, and we had people asking us to get them a drink of water because they were thirsty and there was no one there to help them. For Thanksgiving, the people were served a hot dog and a bowl of soup. The staff there only care about being on their cell phones and someone needs to look into why these patients are being neglected at the Highland Health Care Center. I wouldn’t even let my dog stay at that place because he gets treated better at home than those people do there.

West Belleville is ‘where to go, where to be’

To the writer who said that West Belleville is a mess, you are either naive are only talking from perception. West Belleville has 23 active neighborhood associations, of which Ogles is in the forefront of in its proactiveness. The west Belleville association supports a committee that promotes and stabilize west Belleville. If you read the ‘West End Weekly” each Monday in the Belleville News-Democrat, you find this part of town is alive and well. There’s a great pride in the residents of West Belleville. Strip centers are being brought back to life, storefronts are being filled, run down apartment complexes are being vacated and the housing market is really heating up. The residents of West Belleville would appreciate you spend more time in this lovely part of town, not just a quick drive through. Our motto is, “Where to go ... where to be.”

Just another Mayor Eckert failure

Let me get this straight, the developers across from the Shrine, who have yet to develop anything, are upset at the tax paying citizens who paid for a $3.5 million sewer line because they are asking questions. What the what?!?! They received an initial $20 million in incentives to put this on the fast track. Thank God it’s on the fast track. Just another Mayor Eckert failure. Did the Belleville News-Democrat receive a cease and desist from the Keller company as well for all of their negative comments about the project?

It’s counter-productive to send shoppers to other cities

According to a recent quote, Mayor Eckert says that if residents don’t want to pay the extra sales tax, they should just not shop at the businesses that get tax incentives from the city. That doesn’t leave many places to shop in Belleville. Hey Mayor Eckert, it’s counter-productive to send shoppers to neighboring cities.

What bank repossessed the Red Bud couple’s car?

I sure would like to know the name of the bank that repossessed the car in Red Bud that belong to the elderly couple. The car is only really worth about $1,000, so if they owed more than that, they were suckered into without knowing what the car was really worth. I’d like to know who provided the financing. I guess is that it was Scott Credit Union.

Difficult to trust humanity again

The Brentwood High School basketball team from Nashville, Tenn. came to Breese for a tournament and while they were at Texas Roadhouse in O’Fallon, someone broke into their bus and robbed them of their belongings. This is very sad because they came out here for good will and to have a good time. Those things can be replaced easily, but it will be difficult for them to trust in humanity again and believe that they can live freely without being taken advantage of.

If you can afford a Mercedes, you can afford a car seat

To the couple driving on Sullivan Drive on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, if you can afford a Mercedes then you can afford a car seat for your grandchild. I cannot understand how you can risk a child’s life that way. Are you seriously that careless and cheap?