Letters to the Editor

Proud of west end of Belleville

To the sound-off caller who thinks the west end of Belleville is a mess, I say good riddance to you. You would never fit in with the kind, friendly people who live in the Ogles subdivision and surrounding area. People here are proud of their homes, and it shows by the way they take care of their property. You seem to be someone with a grudge against Belleville in general, and the west end specifically. I’ve lived in this part of town for almost 30 years, and I love it and plan to stay. We have great neighbors, and there are plenty of wonderful places to shop and eat close by. I feel sorry for your current neighbors, for they have a negative, bitter person in their midst. As for the “unwanted people” you mentioned, your leaving helped take that number down by one.

Barbara Baldridge, Belleville