Letters to the Editor

Your greed hurts those who have to fight for every penny

Here we go again. Gas prices in the St. Louis area had finally begun to drop and this past week the average price of gas too dropped except for here in the St. Louis area. Here the prices are rising. Why? The price of oil at even $50 a barrel should mean prices at the pump of about $1.79 which they have been in years past, but not this year. There is no disruption, no outages, no anything to justify the rise in prices except for the obvious: greed.

Big oil, while making marginal profits on oil, is making up for those shortcomings with their record gasoline profits. We appreciate the lower prices, and a simple 25 cents extra at the pump adds up to an extra $5 every time we fill up. This is a lot of money to people living from paycheck to paycheck. Wealthy or not, we are getting fleeced by those pump prices. Take a look at other areas like the St. Louis market and you’ll see how much less they are paying for the exact same product, and they have as much or more taxes as we pay. Enough is enough. Your greed hurts the little people who have to fight for every penny.

John Bauer, New Baden