Letters to the Editor

Liberals are still in mourning

Belated condolences to the liberal left for their election loss. The continuing inconsolable grief drama is now old news. The cry rooms are awash in tears. The hot cocoa gave little comfort as the media reported excuses and blame ad nauseam. The left was rejected because of clearly defined damage caused by Obama’s anti-American socialist policies. The campaign to sell the status quo to the voters failed. Hopefully this is the opportunity to rescue our schools, our economy, our military and our culture from the masters of deceit and restore America’s leadership of the free world.

Liberals have shown they are unwilling to evaluate bad policy results and make corrections. As with Obamacare they blame failure on not spending enough. Obama continues to sacrifice American national security with open borders and importing Middle Eastern refugees. After eight years of mistakes with none in our favor, Obama’s intent must be questioned. No one is that stupid.

It is encouraging to see the destructive ideology of liberalism on trial. Seeming intelligent, liberals lack common sense, critical thinking and thrive on bogus information. Many are brainwashed by radical professors with no real world experience. The left does not like being challenged. Witness the street mobs recruited from the cry rooms to riot, loot and block traffic in protest of the election. Liberal mourning continues in the BND opinion consortium of Robke, Pitts and Parker, with Pitzer the minutia master picking the political fly specks out of the pepper. Cheers!

Ron Davinroy, O’Fallon