Letters to the Editor

Keep up the good work

I wish to commend your staff for the recent ability of the paper to place a letter commenting on a previously included letter, just a few days apart. A year or so ago I suggested such a procedure would help the reader compare what was being commented on than if the letters were published 10 days or two weeks apart which, unfortunately, was the routine at that time. Of late I have noted that opposing letters have been published just three and four days apart.

I trust this improvement is due to adopted administrative actions rather than the possibility you are suffering from a lack of enough arriving letters. If the latter is the case that does not say much for the readership, as there are certainly plenty of subjects to voice opinions about.

Well in any case, Colonel Malec and I are doing our part to give you some material to choose from. Keep up the good work, and I do not care what Trump says about the media: you serve a vital purpose in our democracy.

Lee Pitzer, O’Fallon