Letters to the Editor

Thanks, Obama? Thanks, Mr. Trump.

So Art Sheridan thinks that Obama is so great. Tell me how he made all those jobs? The government does not make jobs. They just hire more people to do what? Tell me how I was told that I could keep my doctor? Yeah right, we know how that came out. Thanks, Obama.

Gas made lower by him how? We have a surplus of oil, and we all drive less and get good mileage per gallon. That really helps. Tell me how the Keystone pipeline is doing and how many jobs were created by building it? Thanks, Obama.

Did you not hear that lots of people are now not looking for a job, so they are not counted that brings the numbers down? Thanks, Obama.

Did Obama talk to Carrier about staying here and letting people pay taxes and make a good living? Nope, he may be getting ready to go to Hawaii for Christmas. And yes, I am using the word Christmas.

How did he bring down the divorce rate?

Tell me how I can thank Obama for letting boys in the bathroom my daughter uses. Tell me how a debt of $12 trillion or more really was made by Bush. Thanks, Obama.

So Trump is already making life great for 800 people that now have a job. Thanks, Mr. Trump.

Rodney R. Ringgenberg, Belleville