Letters to the Editor

Jesus helped Donald Trump win

Since Election Day many are asking how Trump could win. People are protesting the win in disbelief. I have a good idea of who helped Trump pull it off. In one debate between Trump and Clinton the question was asked, “Would a pregnant woman who went full term still have the right to abort the baby?” Trump responded “no” and Clinton responded “yes.” At that point another person entered the race: Jesus. It was now Trump and Jesus verses Clinton.

Some people with Clinton’s view will say that abortion is killing just flesh or tissue, that it’s not a baby until birth. However, if the same woman were killed in a car accident the leaders of today would say two people were killed in the accident (including the unborn baby as a being). All of a sudden the baby’s life matters and lawsuits take over.

My wife and I travel a lot and have noticed large billboards about abortion. One particular question that we seen on a billboard stands out to me: “When you die and you stand before God what if he asks, ‘What did you do to stop abortion?’”

We can’t have the leader of our country thinking abortion is OK. Abortion is killing an unborn baby, a baby that has a heartbeat and fingerprints. Jesus is capable of anything. I believe that Jesus took over this presidential race and led Trump to victory.

Bob Stein, Mascoutah