Letters to the Editor

You can’t bash Belleville without repercussions

In response to Pete Hill’s letter to the editor “Is This All A Joke” on Nov. 30, if you are going to look in my backyard then I’m going to continue to dig up the dirt in your backyard.

Here are some things going on in O’Fallon that the residents probably don’t know about:

O’Fallon has over 600 acres in TIF;

The Rasp Farm TIF can end up giving the contractor over $3 million in tax dollars and never have one tax paying building on it or produce one job. The only tax paying building was just torn down;

O’Fallon paid out $2.5 million for property and never had it appraised. Adjacent property has been on the market for over two years at a price 30 percent less than the city paid;

O’Fallon purchased over $220,000 in air conditioners for City Hall and the Police Department with only one bid. And, didn’t allow local contractors an opportunity to even bid on the contracts;

Within two weeks from the time it was presented, O’Fallon passed the highest hotel/motel tax in the area (9 percent). This is 12 percent higher than anyone else. It was passed for a project that is only a concept with no final plan.

I’ll bet Mr. Phil Goodwin who is Gary Graham’s pick to run for mayor will not be happy with this exposure of information. But, I am not going to roll over and allow you to bash Belleville without repercussions.

“Herb Roach for Mayor”

Roger Wigginton, Alderman 8th Ward, City of Belleville