Letters to the Editor

Don’t judge the Ogles without meeting its residents

We are longtime subscribers to the BND. I especially enjoy reading the comments made by readers on Monday mornings. This week a writer commented on the conditions on the west end of town, especially the Ogles subdivision. We have been residents of Ogles for 46 years and raised our family here. Time changes many things. Nothing is perfect, but we are fortunate to live in a place where we have wonderful caring neighbors who take good care of their properties and watch out for one another. We also have an Ogles Watch Committee who meets with the residents and keeps us up to date when need be. They bring in officials from our community as speakers every other month to keep us informed.

To the writer of the Monday comment: Please don’t judge us without coming into our neighborhood and speaking to the residents. As I said, nothing is perfect, but I feel most of our community are doing their best to make Ogles a good place to live. I realize everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, but comments like yours do nothing to improve our neighborhood or our city as a whole.

Nancy Bair, Belleville