Letters to the Editor

It’s a pretty good deal — for the government

You can call me an uneducated white male; that’s true for my formal education. I was permanently kicked out of school on my 15th birthday, after trying to start 10th grade four times. It was too boring for me. I went to work that same day. I have a pretty decent self-education; I have always read everything, even before I started kindergarten. I have worked with my hands, back and brains all my life.

I joined the Army two days after my 17th birthday and went to Vietnam at 17 because I wanted to. The Democrats have helped me a lot. The last union job I worked I made $1,800 a week. When the government took their part, I had $984 left. Pretty good deal for the government.

Social Security’s your right; Democrats started it. But you forgot something. It was a locked box until Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats opened it and never put it back. You also forgot something about Medicare. There is also Medicaid. When the government got in the medical field, inflation started going sky high, never coming down. That includes the price of insurance too. Your little-people words are very elitist and prejudiced about people. What did you do, work for the government?

Hillary Clinton’s been a liar and thief. Most of all she has the blood of three troops and an ambassador on her hands, not in her heart. Remember she asked Congress, “What difference does it make now?” It makes a hell of a difference.

Robert Colston, Keyesport