Letters to the Editor

Some people don’t have clue of what they’re saying

To all other letters writers, let me assure you that you don’t have a clue about some of the things you comment on. Stay local, there is enough wrong here. We can’t go back; if we could we would have avoided every war since 1917.

Just recognize this: The last time this country has been this visually divided was in 1864, when Lincoln arranged to add Nevada into the Union to get the votes he needed. He did this even though they did not have the 20,000 population which was considered the standard at the time. He had horseman rush them to Washington for them to be included in time.

We are again very divided, but east to west now. I will not be surprised to see violence become more frequent during Trump’s administration. But who knows for sure? No one.

Joseph Reichert, Belleville